About me

I am currently looking for a job!

I’m interested in Topological Field Theory and related higher algebraic and categorical structures. Recently, I have been using string diagrams to classify higher coherences for duals and adjoints in $n$-categories, which is related by the Cobordism Hypothesis to the question of finding finite presentations by generators and relations for fully extended bordism categories. I have also been working on a theory of semistrict $n$-categories based on $n$-dimensional string diagrams (also called manifold diagrams).

Until January 2023, I was a postdoc at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Computer Science and Technology. Before that, I did postdocs at Instituto Superior Técnico (in Lisbon), the University of Hamburg and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics (in Bonn). Before that, I did a PhD in Mathematics at the University of Oxford, supervised by Christohper Douglas.